Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine: How Nesso Successfully Nailed It!

Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine

In this blog post, we are more than thrilled to show you Nesso’s second 3D printing project – Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine.

Let’s skip the further ado and jump straight into our 4-step process to complete this exciting project of ours!

How The Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine Was Made?

As usual, in order to build our Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine from scratch, we did it in 4 principal steps, beginning with concept art, going through 3D modeling & 3D rendering, and eventually ending up where the final model got 3D printed. 

Concept Art

We challenged ourselves on creating a Viking woman concept that was muscular and at the same time, still lean and feminine, which we thought was one of the coolest 3D figures to print.

To elaborate further, the inspirational source of this concept stemmed from Loki’s daughter and Jörmungandr – The World Serpent. Below is the character descriptions in detail:

  • Name: Monika
  • Height: 1m72
  • Chest: 98 cm
  • Hips: 106 cm
  • Age: 20
  • Nation: Iceland
  • Waist: 82 cm
  • Leg Length: 104 cm

A few words about this 3D printed action figure 3d printed female figures? Deep inside her veins is the fierce, bold bloodline of Norse warriors with immorality and wickedness from her father. 

But instead of doing online research to find a 2D model on the Internet, this time we decided to get started with our own 2D concept. 

After 2 days spent gathering ideas and sufficient reference materials and 3 days building the character, right below is the outcome:

Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine
Viking Female Warrior 2D concept

3D Modeling

With the 2D concept of the Viking Woman above, Nesso’s 3D artists immediately went on 3D modeling the figurine from the standing positions to the smallest details like the armor, the bold outfit to the shield, the axe, and fabric embroidery.

After spending precisely 7 working days using Zbrush, which was 5 days faster than our first project, our team finally completed the model and it looked stunning as shown:

Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine
Finished Viking Female Warrior 3D model

3D Rendering

After fine-tuning to make sure our Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine was absolutely flawless, we started rendering the 3D Viking model to bring it to life. 

Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine
Our model, rendered and colored, ready for 3D printing

3D Printing

Using the STL file, we then preprocessed with Chituabox & Materialise Magics. Lastly, we completed our 3D figure by 3D printing it with resin material and painting it. 

And that’s how our second model was born.

Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine
3D printed Viking Female Warrior

Wrapping up!

That’s it! You’ve just read everything we’ve got to say about Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine – Nesso’s second 3D printing project. 

Interested to find out more about our similar project? Then perhaps you’d love to check out how Nesso 3D artists completed our first 3D project on a 3D printed Viking model.

What do you think about our proud work above? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


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