07 Tips To Create A Killer Social Post Design

social post design

Since the human brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than plain text, to make sure you crush all your social goals (increase brand awareness, boost engagement, etc.), stunning social post design is a must, not a plus.

Therefore, in this article, Nesso’s photo editing expert will give you a 101 guide into social media post banner design: Why you need it; What to consider & Battle-tested design tips.

Let’s discover this together!

Why does your business need a social post design?

Nowadays, consumers frequently discover brands for the first time on social media channels. Therefore, creating a strong social media presence begins with establishing a great first impression, and one of the most effective ways to do so is through your social media post design.

That’s right, your brand perception will be impacted by your social media design. Every article you write and upload online tells a story and builds your brand. Hence, ensuring that your creative designs connect with your audience and support your overall messaging is important.

What to watch out for to create a stunning social media post?

Before diving into our handy tips to create gorgeous social post design, there are 2 questions you need to have crystal-clear answers for: the first is yourself and the second is your customers.

First, what is your brand identity?

You can have the best photography on earth but if your target audience looking at it and not recognizing you, your effort just goes in vain. So, make sure your team and you have a picture of your brand identity- what do you want potential customers to gain from your social posts? 

And then, create your social post designs to visually present your voice. However, remember that you don’t create social media post banners for your internal team. So make sure you answer the second question with confidence!

But how to create a social post design that is reflective of your brand identity? We’ll answer it below.

Second, do you understand your target audience?

Already prepared intriguing captions for your Facebook posts’ fabulous photos? That’s great, but what if your audience isn’t interested in that? They’re going to skip it without a second thought. So, draw a portrait of your audience in order to avoid that unpleasant experience.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What age group most of your audience is in?
  • Is there any big difference by gender? 
  • What qualities do they expect from a brand?
  • What kind of content are they most interested in?

Those insights are of extreme importance since they will help you narrow down what social media platform is worth investing in.

For instance, if you sell supplements for senior people, perhaps you wouldn’t want to advertise it on Instagram or TikTok, where most users are Gen-Z and millennials.

07 Proven-effective tips to level up your social post design

Now that you know who you are and what your potential customers are looking for, it’s time to create a social post design that caters to your target audience.

Here are 7 tips we’ve compiled for your sake:

Tip 1: Embrace brand consistency for better recognition

So let’s bring back the brand identity part, which should lie at the front and center of your social post design. This is because no matter how gorgeous your Instagram picture or Facebook cover is, you’re probably wasting your time if you don’t keep those photographs in the same style.

This is because customers surf social platforms for entertainment purposes, they’re going to quickly forget who you are if you don’t constantly remind them about your existence.

Therefore, when designing a social media post, choose specific colors and fonts that best reflect your brand identity.

  • Colors

Since each color has its own meaning. So don’t just pick your primary colors randomly, instead, there’s a little science in choosing colors that you may love to take away. For instance, jewelry businesses often choose cold-tone colors while food & beverage brands tend to go for warm colors such as red or orange.

social post design
For instance, sk-ii chooses red as their primary color since the color red represents energy and youth

In other words, the psychology of colors is an art, so be an artist and choose the colors that speak your brand identity clearly. After creating your color palette (one main color, other supplementary and contrary colors), apply those in your social post design consistently.

  • Typography

Besides your main colors, remember that the fonts you put on your social post design are important too since it is also a part of your design. So, make sure the font you choose is well-aligned with your brand colors. 

For example, if your social media post banner is in feminine colors (such as pink), you may not want to put on it bold and thick typography and, vice versa.

social post design
It is important to make sure that your typography enhances your social post design

Tip 2: Understand the social media platforms you’re posting on

You can go the extra length with your creative designs. But don’t forget that every social media platform has its unique image and content specifications that you have to get abide by.

One of the most important requirements you have to follow is the image size, or else, your social post design will be blurry or not appear as you want them to. 

social post design
Social image dimension guidelines, compiled by Hootsuite

Above is the image dimension size guide brought to you by Hootsuite. However, in addition to size, you also need to take into consideration which types of social post design fit which social platforms.

For instance, it’s unlikely that an infographic would do well on Twitter. A better approach would be to organize that post into a text thread.

Tip 3: Make sure your social media post design is simple and direct

Sometimes less is more. That means for every social media banner you post, strive for simplicity. Or in other words, try to convey only one message in your social post design at a time. This will help your potential customers get what you’re trying to say without the confusion part.

For instance, if you want to give your Instagram followers a sneak peek over your upcoming launch, a lifestyle picture with the model and the product is enough.

social post design
Make sure the main object of your social post design is accentuated

Tip 4: Choose image over text

Just because you have good fonts doesn’t mean you should use them on every of your social post design. Because you have a caption section to provide your followers with more information and context, only put text on your image when it’s really necessary.

In fact, if you run Facebook ads, you probably know that Facebook also used to require businesses or creators to fill 80% of the ad image with visuals and leave less than 20% for text.

Though Facebook removed this requirement, the 80:20 rule is still widely used and applied in many social post designs.


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Tip 5: Diversify your content for your social posts

One of the must-take tips when creating creative social media design is that you need to diversify your banner and post content. For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, instead of posting only well-curated pictures of your products, consider providing your audience more value with:

  • Insightful tutorial on which products to use for each skin type
  • Behind the scene posts to humanize your brand
  • Quotes from experts in the field
  • Event posts on holiday seasons
social post design
A social post design by Paula’s Choice to give its target audience helpful information on skincare topics

Tip 6: Don’t forget your profile

Although your creative social media design is the main object, don’t leave your social profiles untouched and unoptimized. This is because when potential customers visit your fan page, they’ll notice your profiles first and form their opinion about you based on those first impressions. 

So, when creating your social post design, your profile picture, cover photo, and other visual components should come first.

  • Make sure to include your logo as your profile picture across all social media sites
  • Use a cover photo that is aesthetic and on-brand
  • Only highlight holidays or events that are important and relevant to your brand while updating your profile. To show support for the LGBTQ community, several companies, for instance, include a rainbow pride flag in their logo throughout the month of June.
social post design
Always remember to set up your social profiles properly

Tip 7: Outsource social post design from professionals

Although you can find social media graphic templates on websites like Canva, if you want to impress your audience with visually appealing and branding social post design, perhaps you may need to rely on a photo retouching professional agency like Nesso.

social post design
If you want to bring your social post design to the next level, go consult the professionals

Final thoughts

And that’s it! Nesso hopes that this article will help you create stunning social post designs so you could increase brand recognition and engagement rate. 

Are there any social media post design tips you think are important? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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