Interior designer and Property
management client in the US
This client is one of our esteem real-estate expert clients over the past years, with more than 40 years of expertise in this field, they encompass the art of extraordinary home designs, home styling and property management. NESSO reached out to them in late 2018 and successfully maintain a fruitful relationship ever since. They require hyper attention on the level of millimetre to make sure we all can bring the design to life and seize the attentions it deserves.
Each design varies in complexity levels as well as the requirements for each, ranging from transitional, eclectic to modern minimalist designs. We have had several years working together successfully because of clear communication channels to express our ideas, briefs, send different mood boards and therefore, provide active feedback and quick turn-around time. Understand the client’s high concern regarding quality, quality control and briefing are managed tightly and effectively. The implicit collaboration between NESSO and the clients as well as operation has driven our relationship and performance better than ever.
Sleeping Mattress designer
and retailer in the US
Our client focuses on designing, manufacturing, and retailing unique properties that allow customers to enjoy a comfortable sleep experience. For almost 4 years now we have been working together and NESSO oversees entire digital production for web use, interactive application, interior rendering, and others. Every month, NESSO processes around 100 products and more than 500 interior visualisations. They require multiple combinations such as colours, headboards, bases, foot, and storage options; for interior visualisation, the requirements ranging from minimalistic design to comprehensive and high-end one.
NESSO acknowledge the complexity and provide ongoing support during the briefing and realising process to deliver what best for their marketing channels. They focus on a high-level of realistic and incorporate the feeling of comfort into their images is the most important requirements. Thus, NESSO artists fetch the naturalness and serenity in every fabric detail and bedding. They have confined in NESSO for our innovative customisations, futuristic interior set-up, and fastidious care to their bedding designs.
Product 3D Visualisation
NESSO 3D product team are specialised in building and creating all type of products from furniture pieces, building materials, household applications and industrial products into realistic 3 Dimensional used for website, printed catalogues, flyers, banners, instruction movies, customise touchscreen and interactive applications (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) For years, our artists have been trained and experienced working with world-class clients, serving from the easiest requirements to the most simplest projects. We offer a range of skillsets including 3D Modelling, texturing, styling, lighting and rendering. NESSO provide our artists with the latest updates, applications, and trainings to keep up with the high pace of realism in the digital world. Our artists know what to do and how to capture the best features of your design and bring it to life.
3D Interior and Exterior Visualisation
Rendering is an indispensable tool for your marketing activities, it acts as an added element to your products, yet-to-be-built designs, modified/ renovated housing designs. NESSO will bring you to a digital futuristic world, our team administer from residential designs to commercial and industrial designs all of scales and scopes. NESSO in-house rendering specialists will transform your dreary 2D drawings, blueprints, and AutoCAD into stimulating and imaginable photographs.
Film/ 3D Animation Video/ ARVR
NESSO offer a one-stop solution to your visualisations which allows cost optimisation and time efficiency. We take on multi-productions from 2D imagery, 3D modelling, animation, configuration, texturing, lighting, and rendering. The extension lines of services help you to keep production in one place – easy tracking, easy modifying.
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Our philosophy is very simple. NESSO delivers the best quality visualisations in a time bound workflow for an optimised cost. Our salesforce is 24/7 responsive to take on any immediate queries or urgent projects. Our strong-minded and adaptive team will help you and our artists on board within 24 hours once we have a request. Our artists work as collective groups to provide best solutions, insights and share the scope of work so you can forget about the time crunch.
We are confident, you should too! Three main cores of our 3D teams are:
Time efficient
Integrity, collaboration and bold mindedness drive our team to be better everyday
Professional (with care)
the right skillsets are put in the right use for the right purposes
Technical and information support are available 24/7, revision, 3D rework minor fixtures are complimentary