Real Estate Photography: 4 Common Problems & Brilliant Solutions To Fix Them

Real Estate Photography

No matter who you are, a tractor who wants to sell a house, an architectural agency that wants to bring your proposal to your potential clients, you need real estate photography! However, to impress buyers or your clients, your real estate photography has to be absolutely on-point. 

That’s why in today’s article, Nesso’s architectural photo experts will show you 4 common problems to avoid with your real estate photography and how to fix them all!

4 most common real estate photography problems 

Of course, capturing eye-catching, beautiful images of a property isn’t always easy. Here are four common problems you may encounter when taking pictures of properties (and how a professional photographer can help you avoid or fix them):  

Taking stunning product images has never been easy, especially when your object is a large one with complex layers and structure. As we observe, here are the 4 most common real estate photography mistakes you should definitely avoid! 

1. Too bright windows with too dark rooms

If the interior spaces you try to capture in your photo have some windows, be careful because your pictures may turn you down a bit with the windows appearing too bright, making the inside space much darker than it actually is in a real-life setting.

When you expose the photo of the room, the window will appear as an overly bright square that looks completely out of place. If you expose the window, on the other hand, the room will become too dark to bring out much of the detail. 

Even if you could install artificial lighting in the room to make it brighter, doing so would take a lot of time and money. It calls for a great deal of expertise, proficiency, and practice.

Alternatively, taking bracketed exposures, such as three to five shots, which you then combine in post-processing, is the quickest and most efficient method.

By altering the exposure value of each shot, this technique enables you to take into account the dynamic range in the scene. Once combined, you obtain a single, uniformly well-exposed image.

Real Estate Photography
A work by Nesso real estate photography editing services

02. Sunlight vs. artificial lighting 

Striking a light balance in your real estate photography is important. But not many can do so with challenging lighting conditions when artificial light and sunlight enter your images at once. 

Since the sunlight usually appears cool blue while the light coming from lamps is an overly warm-toned color. Subsequently, when they exist in the same photo, it leads to color imbalance. 

If you want a really simple fix, turn off all the lights in the house and take pictures just in natural light.

However, we recommend using a strobe to lighten the interior since it is a more professional method that will bring out the better results. The lighting from the strobes is stronger than any other light in the space, masking the color disparity and making everything look the same. Hence, you obtain a clear, well-lit image.

Or you could hand the tough works to Nesso and receive your post-processing real estate images look stunning like this:

Real Estate Photography
This is a real estate photography which Nesso’s team has worked on to bring out the perfect balance between the light from the lamp and the light entering the window

03. Small spaces 

When working with narrow spaces like restrooms or closets, it can be challenging to fit everything into a single photograph. If you hire a professional photographer, they can take the picture for you using a lens that captures a wider field of view.

Sometimes using a tripod or yourself in a doorway is the only option, which can provide you with a bit more room to maneuver.

Using a wide-angle lens is another choice, but you must be especially cautious not to distort the image. To make sure you maintain a straight line across the photograph, post-processing adjustments from real estate photography editing services like Nesso could be necessary.

Real Estate Photography
Look how we managed to turn a tight space a little more spacious and comfortable

04. Improper angles 

Real estate photography can be enhanced or ruined by the angles you choose to take your photo. Even a large room can appear tight and small if you take your photos from the wrong angle. The ideal one can brighten the room and give it a cozier atmosphere.

Always take pictures of space from floor to ceiling. If the ceiling isn’t included in a photo, the room will appear small and cramped.

Real Estate Photography
Make sure you have the perfect angle before taking your shot

The positioning of the furniture is also quite important. Never, for instance, capture a photograph of a sofa’s back. You can make the space appear bigger and more open by positioning yourself in a way that the furniture faces you.

Let Nesso level up your real estate photography!

The perfect images for a real estate listing don’t just magically appear. The method of capturing property photography is only the beginning; the strategies used to edit such images, later on, are crucial. 

Thus, real estate photo editing services may be required for all images, regardless of the quality of the camera used or the skill of the photographer employed.

If you’re serious about outsourcing real estate retouching services, remember that Nesso’s experts are here, ready to bring out the best of your real estate photography!


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