What Is Product 3D Modeling And Rendering & Who Needs It? 

Product 3D modeling and rendering

Have you ever been completely captivated by an ad showing a stunning close-up of a smartphone? Or just simply be impressed by an apparel photo on an e-site? Well, the secret behind those splendid shots lies in product 3D modeling and rendering

In this article, Nesso’s product 3D modeling specialist will walk you through what is product 3D modeling and rendering as well as where is it applied.

Product 3D modeling and rendering – what is it?

The term product 3D modeling and rendering refers to the automated creation of incredibly realistic pictures in 3D view. Such hyperrealistic outcomes require both gifted artists and top-notch visualization tools. Basically, you can make a 3D model of an existing product or a conceptual one and make it look like a real thing.

When it comes to creating and promoting products, photorealistic renderings have completely surpassed traditional photography and 2D graphics. Since the software that artists use to make 3D product renderings is just so robust, you can add a wide range of parameters to construct even the most sophisticated concepts.

In other words, product 3D modeling and rendering is the process of generating photorealistic (or non-photorealistic) images from three-dimensional models using highly specialized software.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
Product 3D modeling and rendering is used to create real-like product images

Where is product 3D modeling and rendering used?

due to their convenience and incredible benefits, product 3D modeling and rendering have become indispensable tools in various industries. Below  are some of the most typical uses for 3D product visualization:


Over 80% of advertisements & promotional products are made using 3D graphics. Advertising that uses 3D rendered images of products does more than just make it colorful and appealing. Indeed, the wonderful, extraordinary, and unreal actions, events, and plots are also feasible.

On websites, journals, newspapers, and city billboards, it’s simple to find these product renderings everywhere.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
Product 3D modeling and rendering is often used in advertising where the product has to be flawless


To promote a new product launch, marketers can use product 3D models to create eye-catching, creative marketing images and films that can be shared on social media. You can build 3D objects in any shape, color, or style to determine which choice would appeal to your customers the most. 

Product 3D modeling and rendering
Or product 3D modeling and rendering could also be utilized to promote a new product launch

Production and development

An essential component of product manufacture is 3D rendering. It is used to produce digital prototypes of physical products that illustrate their whole mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. With the use of the product 3D modeling and rendering, you can instantly view a diverse range of model configurations, including all possible color combinations. 

The good part is such prototypes are easily modified in case you need to add new features or do further customizations to your projects.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
In product and development, product 3D modeling and rendering is used to show how the product looks and works when it’s brought to life


The ability to produce memorable and powerful presentations with 3D rendering is exceptional. Even before the design phase is complete, these photorealistic presentations could already help showcase how a future product looks to the client or investor.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
Product 3D modeling and rendering is also used in presentations as well

Product 3D modeling and rendering types

Due to the endless capabilities of 3D modeling and rendering technology, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Here are the most common product 3D visualization types:

Lifestyle images

The concept of lifestyle images is to conceptualize how the products will actually look in a real-life setting. To demonstrate it in various settings, for instance, 3D furniture renders will be placed inside rooms or 3D decoration models will be placed on shelves and in cabinets.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
A lifestyle product image where the outdoor furniture is enhanced by the peaceful atmosphere and perfect lighting

3D product configurator 

Another type of product 3D modeling and rendering is the 3D configurator which lets e-shoppers make changes to the products in real-time. Think of a product color swatch on a product page that allows you to view a product (e.g: a T-shirt) in the available colors that you select. 

360-degree images

As its name might suggest, 360-degree images allow your customers to rotate the product images in different directions to view every detail of your products from as many angles as they want. Thus, 360-degree images are also suitable for architectural visualization

Detailed renders

Technically, detailed renders are photorealistic 3D renderings that help portray your products in great detail. When you zoom in or out, you can view every single texture and substance in these photographs up close.

Product teaser

Teaser renders are used to promote products that are still under development or have not yet been made available. This is a fantastic approach to generate curiosity as well as a lot of pre-sales from your customers. 

Product 3D modeling and rendering
Use product 3D modeling and rendering to give your customers a sneak peek over the new product you’re about to launch

3D animation

Last but not least, there are 3D animations that are employed in advertisements, films, or explanatory videos. 3D animations can be used to visually depict how your product works or how customers should use it.

Product 3D modeling and rendering
With sophisticated products that needs laser-precision detail, 3D animation can be of great help

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Though product 3D modeling and rendering are extremely helpful and widely used in many niches and industries, executing them has never been an easy task.

So if you’re interested in outsourcing 3D product modeling and rendering, Nesso’s certified 3D experts are willing to listen and then work it out to bring you the best product 3D models of any type you want. 

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