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Renowned Fashion Clients

Our fashion clients are houses renowned across Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States for redefining and appreciating the beauty of womanhood, regardless of shape, size and colour. Our esteemed fashion clients have been NESSO’s valued partners since our establishment. Every single photograph requires the same level of dedication and sophistication and must demonstrate, not only the beauty of the clothing, but the core values and essence for which the houses want the world to know them. The diligence, consistency, and skills of NESSO retouch artists have been an enormous benefit to each of these brands in defining their own look and feel of sophistication. Our clients’ cosmopolitan values and visions are expressed through the images they display to the public. They rely on NESSO to perfect their images. You can also depend on NESSO to ensure your images are equally stunning.

French Digitization Agency

Often, older photographs, books, and examples of vintage, Parisian haute couture, are not available in digital format. NESSO has had the honor of partnering with many of high fashion’s big names to transform their archived photos into lively, up-to-date digital images, thereby preserving the heritage of these exclusive brands. NESSO has been working on several challenging projects, such as touching up 10,000 photographs of artwork for museums in Paris, memorable sports events, and photos of ancient buildings and edifices in Normandy. A project in which NESSO will be helping to digitize millions of journal records, dating back to the early 1900s, is in the works. No matter the job, our recipe is always enriched by consistency and commitment to deadline.

Paris E-commerce Retailers

For these clients, we deliver thousands of photos daily, to satisfy the urgency of their fast-paced environment. While, speed of delivery is the key to our success, quality, with a margin of error of just 0.5%, is our absolute. Despite this dedication to quality, we are still able to work at a good pace, with average turnaround times of 18 hrs as opposed to our target of 24 hours. Last but not least, we recognize our clients’ long-term commitments to us by extending our standard rates to work performed during holidays and peak seasons.








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