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Industrial Lighting Client in the UK

With over 25 years of experience in industrial lighting, our client is leading the market with a huge range of designs, and is recognized as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in Great Britain and Europe. They came to NESSO as a high-profile client with the desire to incorporate creativity into their designs and provide a glamourus touch to best showcase their products on several platforms, including catalogue prints, the web, video clips, touchscreen and others.

NESSO has simplified the entire process for our client – from concept briefings, modelling to final delivery, it has all been done in a timely manner. Once the client has supplied NESSO with their drawings or blueprints, in PDF or CAD format, based on preliminary models, we discuss and incorporate further modifications and material selections before creating the captivating, final, high definition images. Projects vary from standard to complex. Entire complex interior/exterior designs, such as industrial car parks, warehouses, and road views, take from 40-60 hours to produce. The average timeframe is about 24 hours.

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Interior Designer and Property Management Client in the US

This is one of the esteemed, expert clients in real-estate that we’ve worked with over the past several years. With more than 40 years of expertise in this field, they seamlessly combine the arts of extraordinary home design, home styling and property management. NESSO reached out to this client in late 2018 and we have maintained a fruitful relationship since. This client requires hyper-attention to detail (down to the millimetre). The resulting collaborative process creates designs that come to life and seize the attention they deserve.

Designs vary in their level of complexity and requirements range from transitional, eclectic and modern minimalist. We have worked successfully together by maintaining clear communication channels to express our ideas, give briefs and exchange mood boards, promoting active feedback and quick turn-around time. We understand the client’s particular concern for quality, quality control and speed and manage these needs tightly and effectively. The implicit collaboration between NESSO and the client drives an ever strengthening relationship and superior results.

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Mattress designer and retailer in the US

Our client’s focus is on designing, manufacturing, and retailing unique products that allow customers a comfortable sleep experience. We have been working with the client for nearly 4 years, with NESSO overseeing all digital production for web use, an interactive application, interior rendering, and other functions. NESSO processes about 100 products and more than 500 interior visualizations, monthly for the client. They require multiple combinations such as colors, headboards, bases, footing, and storage options. The requirements of interior visualizations range from minimalistic to comprehensive and high-end designs.

NESSO acknowledges this complexity and provides ongoing support from the briefing through the realization process to deliver the best options for each marketing channel. Incorporating a high-level of realism and a feeling of comfort into the client’s images are our main priorities. Thus, NESSO artists enhance the naturalness and serenity in every detail of the fabric and bedding. The client has grown to trust NESSO for our innovative customizations, futuristic interior set-ups, and fastidious care with their bedding designs.

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