Kraken 3D Model Building: A 4-Step Process Uncovered


After a week of working and pushing ourselves constantly, Nesso team is so thrilled to finish another 3D model project. It is the 3D model of Kraken – a Greek giant octopus-like monster that wreaks havoc on anything standing in its way.

Similar to our last 3D model projects, we built the 3D model of this badass monster in 4 steps: ideation, art conceptualization, 3D modeling, and finally 3D printing. 

Let’s find out the details of each step!

A glance at the Greek Kraken

The Kraken, rooted in the Scandinavian tradition, is typically portrayed as an angry cephalopod-like monster that can demolish entire ships and pull sailors to their deaths.

This terrifying monster used to be considered to resemble enormous crabs and huge whales. Later versions, however, have Kraken depicted as an enormous animal that looks like an octopus.


The Kraken is conceivably the biggest creature that people have ever imagined. It was rumored to roam the seas from Norway through Iceland and Greenland in Nordic folklore. 

Many fictitious tales claimed that the Kraken would use its mighty arms to assault boats. If the monster failed to do so, it would begin swimming erratically around the ship, whipping up a powerful maelstrom that would sink the vessel.

How Nesso built a 3D model of the Kraken monster

Like previous 3D model projects, our process for creating the Kranken 3D model consisted of four main phases: ideation, concept art, 3D modeling, and printing the model to bring it to real life.

#1. Idea

Kraken is renowned for its enormous size and power and is frequently portrayed as a hostile creature. For this concept, we want to adopt a different approach. We want to make a killer monster that is terrifyingly silent. It decides to hunt at night and kills its victims stealthily.

A massive octopus dragging down ships in stormy midnight is a typical portrait of the Kraken

#2. Concept art

With an idea in mind, it took us two days to gather reference materials and three more days to sketch and design the character.

#3. 3D modeling

As soon as we had the concept art of the monster, we got down to business and started the process of 3D modeling it right away.

We begin modeling its attacking position and the shape of its head, then work our way down to the tiniest details, such as the spikes on its tentacles, the lightning, the texture on its skin, etc.

This is the final result of the Kraken after we 3D-modeled it

#4. 3D printing

Once we’ve finished fine-tuning our 3D model, we then preprocessed the STL file with Chituabox & Materialise Magics. And finally, we printed the model out using resin material and paint color on it.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s it! That’s how we managed to build a three-dimensional model of the Kraken monster in a week. Hope you like our work!

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