Jewelry Retouch: 6 Best Tips For Superb Jewelry Product Photos

With high-value items like jewelry, customers are more meticulous with product images than they already are. So in this blog post, we will give you 6 top tips on jewelry retouch so your jewelry images can be as stunning as possible, helping you close more deals!

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Now let’s jump straight to our battle-tested tips for jewelry editing in photoshop.

Tip #1: Take excellent photos of your jewelry first

The jewelry retouch would be easier and give out better results if do the first step right: capture your jewelry’s beauty perfectly in your raw photos first.

Two basic things to note before taking your best shots:

  • Work on the lighting: most jewelry items can shine distinctively depending on the environment where they’re located. For instance, if a ring or earrings are made of diamond, they might give off a rainbow-like pattern under the sunlight while turning out to be bluish under UV light. Plus, make sure that whether it’s studio lighting or daylight, jewelry’s shine won’t be affected by too much light bouncing back. 
  • Opt for a clean background: this is to make people focus more on your products, not the background. Plus, it makes your background removal much less tiring


Tip #2: Work on background removal

After going out there shooting the best shots you can, the very first thing you should do is remove the background so it’s perfectly plain white, which can accentuate your jewelry better.

Let’s begin with creating a clipping path to separate your jewelry item from the background and place it on a clean background. Make the best use of the pen tool so you can create paths that can place the item in the background naturally.

Import your photo to Adobe Photoshop then click on the Pen Tool from the toolbar. To proceed, select a path termed ‘path1’.

After drawing the clipping path around the jewelry item > Click on the Ctrl button & on the path you created > and last to remove the background, press Q.


Tip #3: Remove any defects

After removing the background, the next thing you definitely must do is remove any defects on your jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry photos are 100% free of fingerprints, scratches, or even minor dust. 

To remove all the imperfections in your jewelry images. You can use the Healing Brush to select specific parts of the image to correct and Photoshop will fill in the selected area with pixels of the same colors as their near surroundings.

Or you can try the Clone Stamp Tool to copy pixel values from one part and then apply them to another.


Tip #4: Add shadows 

Now that your jewelry is free of any imperfections on a clean background, let’s continue your jewelry retouch with shadow creation. 

Usually, jewelry product images can look quite pale and unattractive even when taken by a high-quality camera because their shadow might not be visible due to light shortage. Hence, to add more depth and make your jewelry photos look elegant, you may need to use image shadow blending in Photoshop. 

It is a general fact that every physical object has a shadow, playing with shadows properly on your jewelry product photos can help breathe more soul into your luxurious products. 


Tip #5: Modify colors

Commonly, after clicking the camera, your jewelry’s color can be a bit odd compared to what our naked eyes perceive in a real-life setting. This can be caused by camera setting, light effect or improper position, etc. 

Luxurious jewelry’s colors can be gorgeous, and at the same time, quite complex with several colors popping up. And because of that, it’s necessary that you manually color different parts of the jewelry to present all the product’s colors authentically and aesthetically. 

Open your jewelry photo file > click on Image tab > select Adjustments > choose Hue/Saturation. Afterward, move the triangle slider till you get the true color. 

Also, you may want to use the Curves Tool to correct the jewelry’s color balance in the photo so your product can look exactly like they need to in real-life conditions.

Plus, you may want to leverage the contrast to brighten the dull parts of your jewelry so they can look shinier. 

Ready to level up your jewelry retouch?

At the end of the day, you can do SEO optimization or run ads on multiple channels to draw a huge influx of traffic to your e-site. But believe us, none of them will convert if your product images are unappealing. 

This is even more true when you’re selling high-value items like jewelry, where customers have to pay a large amount of their hard-earned money. Thus, we hope the 6 tips above can help you edit jewelry photos like a pro. 

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