How Nesso Created Greek Mythology STL Files For 3D Print

Greek Mythology STL Files

It’s Nesso team again. In today’s behind the scene episode, we’re more than delighted to give you a sneak peek at our newly-created Greek Mythology STL files for 3D printing.

This time, we’ve decided to 3D model a whole collection of characters in Greek Mythology – Scylla, Hercule, and Archne. We followed the same process, starting with our ideas, and concept art, then 3D modeled and printed the post-processed characters using STL files.

Without further ado, let’s discover the process in detail!

How We Created Greek Mythology STL Files?

To build 3D models for printing of the three Greek Mythology characters, we follow 4 steps – starting with ideas, concept art, then 3D modeling and finally printing the model to bring them to life.

#1. Idea

Our ideas For the Greek Mythology Collection are simple – we want to 3D model the characters from our perspectives:

  1. What if Scylla was a silent killer?
  2. How to make Hercules’s moves be more impressive?
  3. What does Archne feel when turning into a spider?

Scylla – A Deadly And Silent Killer

Scylla, also known as Kraken, is a ferocious gigantic octopus-liked monster that is said to brutally attack any ship getting in its way.

  • Scylla is a legendary sea monster typically depicted as dangerous due to its huge size and power. On this notion, we want to adopt a fresher approach. We want to build a murderous, eerily silent creature that hunts at night and slaughters its prey stealthily.
  • The background: The vast ocean at dreadful, dark midnight
Greek Mythology STL Files
We want to depict a Scally that silently attacks the poor ship

Hercules’ Flexibility & Wisdom Vs The Nemean Lion’s Threatening Strength

Next, we have Hercules‘ fighting scene, which we believe is tough to 3D model. For this model, we want it to demonstrate Hercules’ impressive attacking position from the air fully.

  • Hercules is bouncing back from the rock’s cliff, turning 90 degrees to focus all his strength on the blow he is aiming at the lion from above. His muscular arms and hands are firmly holding the club with determined eyes and facial gestures to give the aggressive lion the hardest hit.
  • Nemean Lion: As a majestic Nemean monarch that exudes nobility and ultimate power. the lion instinctively chased Hercules from behind, charging the prey into a dead-end with his widely opened mouth and fearsome fangs.
  • The background: Nemean full of rocks and sand.
Greek Mythology STL Files
This is the scene we want to fully depict with our 3D model

Archne’s Frightening Look When Turning Into A Spider

And the last scene in the Greek Mythology collection we want to depict the very moment when Archne was turning into a spider. We want to fully portray her frightening, anguish, and shock.

  • Arachne’s upper part body is still a gorgeous girl, screaming desperately with fear. Her frightened face is being ripped out from the inside, leaving the spider’s face that is filled with anger and hatred. Meanwhile, her lower part has completely turned into a spider with dragging legs that she isn’t yet familiar with.
  • The background: The surface of the road, surrounded by walls with spider webs clinging loosely.
Greek Mythology STL Files
Our idea is to illustrate Archne’s confused, angry expression when turning into a spider

#2. Concept art

With the ideas above, we spent 4 days gathering reference materials and four more days sketching and designing our characters.

#3. 3D modeling

As soon as we had the concept art of the monster, we got down to business and started the process of 3D modeling it right away.

After having the concept art of the three characters, we started 3D modeling them immediately.

#4. 3D printing

Once we’ve done the last touch on our 3D models, we preprocessed the Greek Mythology STL files for 3D printing with Chiatuabox and Materialise Magics. Finally, we printed the three models out using resin material and paint colors on them to make the final results the most vivid possible.

Wrapping up!

We’ve just walked you through our complete process of preparing Greek Mythology STL files. 

Feel inspired and want Nesso to build you a custom 3D model with superb quality? Contact us and let us see what we can do to help!


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