Concept Art For 3D Printed Viking Warrior: Authentic Process Revealed

Concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior

In this behind-the-scenes blog post, we are going to show you how Nesso’s artists created our concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior

With hands-on experience from working with the Viking theme for concept #1 (3D Printed Viking Model) and concept #2 (Viking Female Warrior 3D Printed Figurine), this time we level up our production by moving more of the overall process into in-house handling.

As usual, we started it all from scratch with the first step – concept art.

Thumbnail sketching

Bjorn is a Viking warrior who has the superior strength and fierceness of a bear, much as one would anticipate of a Norse Warrior. Technically, we wanted this concept to be an authentic capture of him in the middle of the action when fighting.”

After receiving only that instruction as a brief, our 2D artist started brainstorming and came up with 3 different poses for the concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior as shown below:

Concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior
Here are our 3 thumbnail options with 3 different poses

Since each of the three options has its own uniqueness and potential, having to pick only one was a bit of a daunting task for our team.

After some debating and voting, we came to the mutual agreement that the best pose to represent a Viking warrior’s rage and savagery is Option ABjorn charging into battle.

In this pose, Bjorn is charging into battle holding a sword and shield. His beloved destrier just got cruelly slaughtered by a betrayer so the only thing that was aflame in his eyes is the face of the betrayer.

Concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior
We decided to use this pose to proceed our 3D character concept art process

Art refining

After deciding the appropriate pose, from the sketch above, we get started adding more depth and details to the concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior.

Since Viking has been a topic receiving considerable attention from recent media, finding references wasn’t too difficult for us. 

To be more specific, the enraged charging attitude is derived from the films The Northman and Troy, while the clothing is partially based on The Witcher (both the game and the series), but with some of its elements and textures altered.

Here are the character descriptions in detail:

  • Name: Bjorn
  • Height: 1m85
  • Chest: 112 cm
  • Hips: 110 cm
  • Age: 32
  • Nation: Iceland
  • Waist: 84 cm
  • Leg Length: 114 cm

The inspiration to refine our articulated figure 3d model concept actually came from many movies like “Viking: The Series,” “The Northman,” “Troy,” and “The Witcher” (game and series).’

Concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior
Our final concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior

Wrapping up!

Well, that’s all the bits and pieces we got to say about Nesso’s whole process of creating concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior. 

Are you interested in this Viking 3D model project of ours? If so, share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


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