Authentic Concept Art For 3D Printed Black Panther: How It’s Executed?

Concept Art For 3D Printed Black Panther

In today’s Nesso behind-the-scene series, we are going to show you our authentic concept art for 3D printed Black Panther from A to Z.

For this 3D-printed project, we’ve decided to step out of our comfort zone and challenge our creative limits by breaking out of the Viking 3D figurines to aim for something unconventional.

And let us walk you through our whole process to plan and execute the concept art for 3D printed Black Panther – one of the coolest Avengers 3D print.

Thumbnail sketching & art refining

We took the story in The Winter Soldier a little bit further, what if the misunderstanding had never been cleared up and the winner would have been Black Panther?

Below is the full description in detail:

Wrathful Black Panther:

  • Brimming with rage and resentment. His father was allegedly killed by The Winter Soldier while Captain America was blindly protecting his old pal.
  • He stood on the ruins of a bloody battle, looking down where Captain America and The Winter Soldier had fallen down 
  • In his face sparked a glimpse of satisfaction, both of them are now gone, killed by his own hands
  • “What have I done?” He realizes what he just did. Now he has to either face the consequence brought upon him by the Avengers or continue the bloodbath.

Since this time the brief is much clearer, our team doesn’t have to sketch many thumbnail options like with the concept art for 3D Printed Viking Warrior. So Nesso concept artists took the brief and brought the concept art for 3D printed Black Panther to life in 2 days.

Below is the result:

Concept Art For 3D Printed Black Panther
The result of our 2 days of work

Last finishing touch

The concept art for 3D printed Black Panther we created above was fine, but it seems to be a bit tedious by how obvious it was made to be. It just does not leave the viewers with much room for imagination.

Following some discussion, we ended up deciding that the arm of the Winter Soldier should be removed from the concept art. Though it is a rather minor change, it would definitely stir up viewers’ curiosity. What happened? What what’s to come? Who would be to blame?

Concept Art For 3D Printed Black Panther
We’ve decided to remove the Winter Soldier’s arm to make viewers more curious and interested

Sum up

Above is Nesso’s whole process of creating concept art for 3D printed Black Panther. 

Want to look at Nesso’s similar concept art for an action figure 3d model project? Perhaps you would love to read more on concept art for 3D printed Viking Warrior. 

Interested in this project of ours? If so, share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


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