Color Palette: How To Create Your Best Color Scheme [5 Tips]

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Almost all design projects, including graphic designs, marketing materials, and interior designs, revolve around a color palette.

If you choose the right color scheme for your visual branding assets, your designs will be consistent and cohesive and you can leverage them to boost your brand awareness since customers can recognize you when they see your unique set of colors on a poster or a social banner. 

That’s why in this blog post, Nesso experts will show you how to create a proper color palette for your brand.

What is a color palette?

A group of colors used together in a design is known as a color palette. To be more specific, a color palette is a collection of hues that go well together and provide consistency in the way you utilize color in your designs and on your products.

If used properly, color palettes can help define emotions, establish a visual hierarchy, and produce a consistent appearance and feel for your designs. While it can include more, a color palette normally has three to five hues.

color palette
For instance, this is a vintage color palette used on Nesso’s homepage

How to create a perfect color palette for your design system?

It can be enjoyable and inspiring to experiment with various color schemes. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind while creating your color scheme.

  • Take color psychology into consideration

It’s crucial to consider the tone or vibe you want your project to evoke when selecting a color scheme.

What emotions do you want your design to evoke in viewers? What tone and message do you want to convey to your audience? You’ll have a better sense of what colors will work best once you’ve kept that in mind.

color palette
Here are the emotions that basic colors may stir up according to some studies

If you’re not sure what tone you want your designs to portray, try to consider the feelings you want them to arouse.

  • Know who your target audience is

Defining your target audience is one of the key factors in developing a color palette for your designs. You must know who your target audience is and what colors they are fond of.

This will help you in developing a color scheme that appeals to your target market. If you’re not sure who your design is intended for, conduct some research to identify them.

For instance, if you are a beauty brand, high chances are that most of your target audience would be females. In that case, a pastel color palette is highly recommended. 

color palette
For example, the beauty brand Satya uses a soothing pastel color palette on their homepage
  • Limit your color palette to 2-3 primary colors

Now that you know your audience and what emotions you want to put into your designs, it’s time to pick the right colors for your palette. The first step you have to take is to find your primary colors.

While you are free to try as many different color schemes as you like, you should limit the colors used in your palette. If your designs have too many colors, they will look out-of-place and odd.

  • Make sure you know which colors are on trend

Color preferences are evolving. Color trends are cyclical, just like trends in fashion and design.

Consider how you may add some color trends to your palette to make your color scheme fashionable and won’t be outdated when the trends go.

However, while it’s important to keep an eye on current color trends, you shouldn’t allow them to determine your complete color scheme.

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  • Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback if you’re having a hard time selecting the perfect colors for your palette. Consult your clients or other designers for suggestions on which hues might work best in your color scheme.

03 handy tools to quickly generate a color palette

Coolors is a professional color palette generator that is quite helpful for perfecting the color scheme you choose. Whether you’re picking a color scheme for your company or a new drawing, this useful tool helps you quickly create a color palette for your design projects.

color palette
Coolors is one of the easiest tools to generate your color palette

Adobe Color is one of the greatest color palette generators for your needs. On your first visit to the website, we suggest starting with the Explore tab, where you can browse a variety of user-created color palettes randomly or in accordance with criteria like popularity and recentness.

color palette
The Explore tab of Adobe Colors where you can get inspired by real users’ designs

ColorSpace is the perfect tool for you if you have a specific color you want to base your color palette on, whether it’s a brand color or simply a shade that you like. Enter your desired color using its RGB values, hex code, or by recreating it on the color wheel then click ‘Generate’. 

color palette
Have a color in mind? ColorSpace will help build your color scheme around that color

Wrapping up!

And that’s everything we’ve got to say on color palettes. Nesso hopes that this article can help you create a perfect color palette for your design projects.

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