CGI Architectural Visualization 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Realistic Renderings

In this article, Nesso team will give you a comprehensive guide to CGI Architectural Visualization. To be more specific, we’ll explain what is CGI architectural visualization, its benefits, and some of the products created by using CGI architectural visualization.

Let’s find out!

What is CGI Architectural Visualization?

Firstly, let’s talk a bit about CGI. Technically, CGI stands for Computer Generated Images, also known as 3D rendering, which is the method of digitally producing the best quality, three-dimensional images of interior or exterior places.

And CGI has evolved into a popular technology that changed the architecture industry for the greater good.

Architectural CGI enables architectural designers to accurately portray their proposals to clients so that they may visualize the design’s exact appearance and atmosphere in great depth. It can assist in presenting and correctly reflecting a client’s vision by displaying designs of new or existing structures and landscapes in three dimensions.

CGI Architectural Visualization
CGI Architectural Visualization helps portray 3D projects in architecture projects

03 Benefits of CGI Architectural Visualization

Now that you know what CGI architectural visualization is, let’s find out what kinds of benefits can CGI rendering can bring to the architecture industry!

01. Enhance your project’s realism

Most CGIs are so detailed that they make most people feel like what they are looking at is a photograph instead of a computer-generated image. If done properly, CGI can show realistic shade and light, as well as the perfectly right ratio between furniture with doors or windows, etc.

With a greater level of precision and realism, you can easily use your 3D visualization to communicate and explain your design to investors or buyers. 

CGI Architectural Visualization
Once done right, a CGI graphic is identical to that of a professional photograph

02. Easy comparison

When clients need to buy their dream house or an investor needs to build a building, they surely want to look at as many options as possible. So if you provide them with a 3D presentation of each project, you’ll ease up the way your customers choose the design most suitable for them.

CGI Architectural Visualization

03. Easy to make changes

Not no mention that using CGI also makes it easier for clients and designers to make adjustments early on, removing any potential design issues that may arise later. This helps both clients and contractors to fine-tune the design and construction process for a more effective, secure, and economical build.

Most importantly, CGI provides a perfect preview of how the client and architectural designer want the modifications to look, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction with the final product.

CGI Architectural Visualization
CGI rendering is also easy to modify and customize

03 most common products of CGI Architectural Visualization

Next, let’s take a close look at the actual products you can have thanks to this very technology!

01. Exterior 3D visualization

One of the common ways of CGI architectural visualization is depicting exterior spaces. By making the best use of this type of CGI, you can present your designs to your clients efficiently. Depending on the design elements you want to emphasize, you can obtain various views:

  • Street/human eye level, 
  • Close-up, 
  • From above (bird’s eye level)
  • From below (worm’s eye level)
CGI Architectural Visualization
A Nesso project which provides viewers a bird-eye view

02. Interior 3D visualization

Both interior designers and architects can benefit from using this kind of computerized 3D rendering. It enables users to create photorealistic computer-generated images of their concepts with accurately portrayed room sizes and layouts. 

Additionally, it enables them to display the precise furnishings, accessories, and building materials they intend to utilize. For both residential and commercial projects, interior 3D renders are a crucial presentation and marketing tool.

CGI Architectural Visualization
A kitchen corner created by Nesso experts

03. Interactive interior tour

A 3D panorama is a single-point, 360-degree interactive view of a space. A virtual tour is essentially the same thing, but with different angles. This means that the viewer can navigate the scene by clicking on so-called hotspots. 

Real estate agents and developers typically utilize this kind of CGI to pre-sell residences that are still being built. The actual design that the buyer will receive may be shown in a virtual tour. Additionally, it can display a sample design to assist the customer see their life there and feel more at ease making the purchase.

CGI Architectural Visualization

Wrapping up!

Above are all the bits and pieces you need to know about CGI architectural visualization. Are you looking for a professional architectural illustration to bring your project to a whole next level? Contact Nesso team and get your clients a visually-exploding experience!


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