5 Best 3D Rendering Software In 2022 – An Honest Review

3D rendering software

For beginners, 3D models might be complex and challenging to comprehend. To provide your clients or end customers with the most accurate and realistic picture of the final product or architectural project, 3D rendering software is a must since it helps transform the 3D model into a 2-dimensional image with vivid textures, colors, and material. 

Recent years have witnessed a bunch of new rendering programs, which might be a bit overwhelming to choose one that best suits you. That’s why in today’s article, Nesso’s 3D artists will give you the best 5 rendering software in 2022 to save you time trying them one by one!

3D rendering software – what is it?

Before jumping straight to the list, let’s get to know what 3D rendering software is first. 

Basically, 3D rendering involves creating three-or-two-dimensional images of a model to depict how it will look in a real-life setting. 3D rendering is done after a design has been modeled in CAD or 3D modeling software to illustrate the design, which can be a product, building spaces, etc before the manufacturing or construction begins. 

And in order for 3D rendering to demonstrate a model realistically, you need 3D rendering software, which allows you to add more textures & effects, adjust lighting, balance colors, and many more to make your rendering more realistic.

5 best 3D rendering software in 2022

Now that you know what 3D rendering software is, let’s dive right into the best 5 rendering software in 2022 we compiled for your sake!

#1. 3ds Max

  • Pricing: $1,785 per year | 30-day free trial available
  • Support OS: Windows
  • Projects recommended: architectural visualization, design, animation, modeling
  • Level: professionals


The first 3D rendering software we would like to introduce to you is 3ds Max, which can be used for 3D modeling and animation as well. This rendering software is well-known for its beginner-friendly interface. Plus, 3Ds max also works with V-Ray and Corona systems.

3D rendering software
3ds Max is no doubt one of the best 3D rendering software for both pros and amateurs

3Ds Max is a robust 3D rendering software for architecture and design that allows you to create incredibly detailed volumetric animations and realistic models. Additionally, you can simulate different environments and particles. The built-in Arnold component also allows you to apply textures and do the ray-traced rendering. 

#2. V-Ray

  • Pricing: $466.80 – 694.80 per year
  • Support OS: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Projects recommended: architectural visualization
  • Level: beginners and professionals


V-Ray is a 3D rendering software that is suitable for 3D artists of all skill levels, from amateurs to real experts. It is one of the most efficacious rendering engines currently today, especially in architectural visualization. 

3D rendering software
V-Ray is a robust 3D rendering software that works perfectly on architectural projects

V-Ray works incredibly well when combined with 3ds Max for interior rendering. This 3D rendering software specializes in lighting & shadows that help designers and architects in producing photorealistic images. Particularly, it offers a wide range of depth-of-field effects and accurate blur.

#3. Lumion 3D 

  • Pricing: From €1499 per year
  • Support OS: Windows
  • Projects recommended: 3D modeling and visualization
  • Level: professionals


Lumion 3D is an excellent rendering software for architectures that need to work on outdoor spaces. Since Lumion 3D is compatible with almost every other 3D rendering software, it’s quite convenient for you to work seamlessly between different software. 

3D rendering software
Lumion is one of the most advanced 3D rendering software for professionals who need to incorporate multiple 3D rendering programs

With one of the simplest UI dashboards, Lumion is one of the most easy-to-use 3D rendering software.  This 3D model rendering software comes with a diverse material library that includes various elements like water, sky, grass, plants, trees, humans, and other objects. The program comes in a Pro edition, which contains some extra capabilities including workflow, real-time flight, and audio import for 2D backgrounds.

#4. Corona Renderer

  • Pricing: From €289.99 per year
  • Support OS: Windows
  • Projects recommended: architectural visualization
  • Level: beginners and professionals


Corona Render is among the newest 3D architecture rendering software available on the market, compared to 3ds Max or V-Ray. The tool offers comprehensive integration with 3ds Max, enabling you to render sophisticated 3D models. 

3D rendering software
Corona Renderer is a ‘new-born’ compared to other 3D rendering software, but its capacity is quite outstanding

In terms of how realistic the renders are, this 3D rendering program is quite adjustable. It simplifies the animation creation process and guarantees excellent results. 

#5. Blender

  • Pricing: Free | Offer donate
  • Support OS: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Projects recommended: 3D modeling
  • Level: beginners and professionals


If you’re looking for free 3D rendering software with various tools, Blender should be your go-to choice. Blender is open-source software for producing 3D graphics as well as 2D animations which supports a wide range of tools you need from modeling and rendering to post-processing, and video editing. With Blender, you can access all the functions you need to design houses, parks, sky-rocket buildings, or any other spaces you like. 

3D rendering software
Blender is the best free 3D rendering software in the market

The renderings’ technology enables the most realistic lighting and the depth of the environment that is technically achievable. Plus, Cycles, an internal render developed by Blender, aids in bringing 3D objects to life by focusing on even the smallest details. 

Wrapping up!

That’s it! Above is the best 5 3D rendering software Nesso 3D experts want to introduce to you in this article. At Nesso, we mainly use 3ds Max for product and architecture rendering with the additional use of Corona and V-Ray, and some others as well. 

What do you think? Is there any 3D rendering software you think should be on the list? Feel free to leave your comment below!

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