3+ Reasons Why Architecture Render Is So Important

architecture render

Supposing you have an architecture proposal for your client’s new house. Which do you think they’d prefer?  A traditional top-down blueprint or a 3D presentation of the house?

Without a doubt, the latter is much more impressive. In the real estate sector, architecture render is a genuine game-changer. People, after all, gravitate toward presentations that are more aesthetically appealing. 

If you still need convincing, let Nesso experts walk you through the 3+ benefits of architecture render!

What is a render in architecture?

To put it simply, producing two- and three-dimensional pictures of a potential architectural design is known as architecture render. To effectively represent design intent, the goal of architecture render is to provide a realistic experience of how a place or building would look before getting started building it.

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Why is architecture render so important?

Because architecture render brings huge advantages, it is a must for all architectural projects. Firstly, it allows the people involved to envision the design concept before it is put into practice, allowing room for fixing and further improvements.

Additionally, using 3D models to present concepts to investors and stockholders is a great idea because most people find it difficult to visualize designs from drawings. In a nutshell, it’s the best method for exchanging ideas and guaranteeing that the final design is as fantastic as it can be before construction starts.

Here are 3+ benefits of architecture render to your architectural projects!

#1. It’s an effective communication tool

With the vivid experience that 3D architecture render brings, the necessity for technical explanations that can confuse or irritate clients is eliminated. This makes the feedback process much easier and allows for thorough decision-making, saving everyone time and money.

architecture render
Architecture render helps people involved have much smoother communication

#2. 3D architectural render helps detect design problems

It’s no secret that sometimes structures don’t function as intended. One such instance is the renowned Walkie-Talkie building in London. With its unique design, the building is one of the most well-known attractions in the city. However, the architect neglected to take the seasons into account.

The majority of the time, its curved design isn’t an issue, but the high side reflects the sun down to the streets for three weeks. Car tires collapse, plastic objects melt, and some even can fry eggs on the concrete due to the sharp rise in street temperature.

Such problems can be avoided with architecture render. All design flaws can be quickly fixed, ensuring the greatest quality of the final design. So 3D rendering can help everyone involved save a ton of time, money, and difficulties fixing an actual building.

architecture render
Architecture render makes it easier for architectures to spot design problems

#3. Architecture render is a cost-efficient solution

One of the biggest benefits of architecture render is that it can be an affordable way to give investors accurate project blueprints. Artists can quickly change existing files if they don’t like the initial design and then return for a different perspective.

Because of this, the process is much quicker and less expensive than it was a few decades ago. Compared to the price of updating older buildings, the cost of a detailed 3D rendering is next to nothing.

architecture render
Compared to fixing a whole building, fixing a rendering file is much faster and easier

Back then, architects had to completely redesign everything, which may take weeks or even months. Think about the costs involved in changing a built-in structure’s exterior design. It would be significantly more expensive and problematic for the hundreds of people involved.

With 3D visualization, architects may instantly tweak their ideas. Until they come up with the ideal solution, they can redesign the same structure hundreds of times.

#4. Showcase your design’s full potential

The use of fully detailed, explorable 3D renders frees architects from relying on their imagination. Clients and investors can observe all aspects of the suggested designs, which enables them to comprehend the goals of the project and the justifications for the design and specifications.

For projects that need approval from local authorities, such as a park, architectural renderings can be an invaluable tool to demonstrate how a project will improve the aesthetics and functionality of its neighborhood. 

architecture render
For big architectural projects that need approval from the government, architecture render can be a lifesaver

Let Nesso’s experts bring the best out of your architectural projects!

All in all, architecture render is a must, not a plus if you want to fully depict all the ins and outs of your architectural projects, impress your clients and gain an edge over your competitors, etc.

And in order to achieve all the benefits listed, make sure you find the right agency or experts. For that, you may want to give Nesso a try – we’re one of the best 3D architectural rendering services with a team of certified experts who know what they’re doing!

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