Apparel Photo Editing: A Key To Your Successful Clothing Store

Apparel Photo Editing

You can have a well-thought-out advertising plan, clever content marketing, and SEO strategy. However, with lousy product images, we’re sorry to announce that all your marketing initiatives will probably go in vain. 

That holds true if you’re selling physical products, especially clothing items. That’s why you need apparel photo editing from a world-class agency like Nesso to succeed in the long run.

This blog post will cover the 3 biggest perks of retouching images for clothing products and give you some tips on choosing the right agency to do the editing part.

Let’s scroll down and read on!

Apparel Photo Editing
Apparel color altering and smoothing

Why does your business need apparel photo editing?

Did you know a whopping 75% of online shoppers say that product images influence their buying decision? 

So no matter on your website or social commerce channels such as Facebook Shops or TikTok Shopping, apparel photo editing is a must if you want to impress your potential customers and convert them.

If that still doesn’t sound convincing enough to you, here are 3 solid reasons why you need apparel photo editing:

  • Boost conversion rate

As aforementioned, product images are a vital key for a customer to decide whether to shop with your brand or not.

And don’t think that a clear product photo is enough in today’s fiercely competitive eCommerce marketplace. With that said, mediocre or unprofessional product images will make potential customers lose trust in you and eventually, choose other alternatives.

  • Improve customer shopping experience

When shopping online on your website, how are your customers supposed to touch, feel, or even try a dress on to see whether it fits them or not? 

Therefore, to make sure your clothing store survives and thrives, do the apparel photo editing first! Better visuality not only means higher conversions but also enhances customers’ overall shopping experience. 

  • Editing with consistency facilitates your branding

And last but certainly not least, apparel photo editing will bring your clothing store long-term benefits apart from immediately higher conversions or lower return rate.

Yes, in the long run, if you keep editing your product images on the same guidelines, you’ll gradually establish brand consistency across all the channels where you’re present. This, again, helps boost your brand trust, meaning more revisiting customers and more sales. 

How to pick the right agency for your apparel photo editing?

However, a particular apparel store normally has hundreds or even thousands of SKUs, so we don’t recommend wasting your time retouching images for every single variant.

Why not save your team time on other matters by having a well-renowned agency do apparel photo editing for you?

3 no-brainer tips on how to choose the right agency?

Apparel photo retouching
Ghost mannequin
  • Take a look at their portfolio

If you’re looking for an agency providing fashion photo editing services, why not look at their real works? At the end of the day, no one can be better judge than the customers whom they’ve worked for.

Agencies with dedication like Nesso usually feature their dedicated works in their portfolio, so just check it, it’s not rocket science, is it?

  • Check the price they offer

Next, if you love their ‘artworks’, check the price they offer! Is it worth it? And also, remember to take the price into careful consideration because you need apparel photo editing for not only 1 or 2 pictures but all of them! (consistency is key).

So saving $1 or $2 on a picture could be a $100 or $1000 saving, which you can use on your core business functions!

  • See whether their workflow is professional or not

After checking their works and the prices that they offer, the final thing you should figure out is their workflow. To be more specific, how many times do they allow feedback? Do they charge more upon extra requirements?

A professional apparel photo editing service will make sure everything is smooth like a well-oiled machine, so always choose an agency with a clear and transparent workflow.

Why is Nesso your go-to choice for apparel photo editing?

If you take the idea of outsourcing apparel photo editing for your online store, stop looking elsewhere far away, Nesso offers enhancing apparel product pictures at an affordable price! In fact, fashion is one of our main lines on 2D product photo editing services.

For apparel photo editing services, we offer a wide range of picture retouching types with strong expertise from competent experts in town!

Flat images

The techniques we use to touch up flat apparel images:

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Color correction
  •  Removing and replacing background without distorting pictures
  • Product reshaping


Professional Image Editing Service
Apparel flat images editing


The techniques we use on ghost mannequin photo editing to bring out the products’ complete beauty:

  • Clipping
  • Shadow retouching
  • Shaping
Professional image editing service
Ghost mannequin images make the product stand out



To make sure the clothing items and models look absolutely on-point in magazines, we provide advanced color retouching.

Apparel Photo Editing
Color editing places and emphasis on the model and the outfit



To make sure the clothes blend in with the model to create an artwork, we provide:

  • Shaping
  • Color correction
  • Skin retouching
  • Background cleaning
Model retouch
Images with texture and details

Final words!

In all and all, apparel photo editing is the first thing you should consider before doing anything else. And to save your time and resources, we hope you could find the right agency like Nesso to take good care of all your product images.


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