4 Best Tips On Product Photo Editing: A step-by-step Guideline

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Little did you know that a staggering 75% of online shoppers claimed that product images are a key factor influencing their purchase decision. 

In today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace, outstanding product images are a must if you want to convert one-time website visitors into lifetime customers. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to do product photo editing and why you may want to outsource product image retouching from Nesso.

But what makes outstanding product images? Is taking photos of your products using a cutting-edge camera enough? 

Well, sorry but things aren’t that simple. But don’t worry, we got you covered with 4 tips to level up your product photo editing game.

Product photo retouch
Wrinkle removal

Remove the background

Before doing anything else, be sure to make your product images’ background cleaner. Because a messy background not only makes you less professional but also distracts your potential customers to focus on the main objects. 

Thus, we suggest that you should take photos of your products on a white background so you don’t have to spend too much time removing irrelevant objects from your pictures. 

To remove the background from product images, use the pen in Adobe Photoshop. Or you can use a quick selection tool called ‘Select and Mask’.

Product Photo Editing
Remove the background


Remove blemishes

Bear in mind that the cliche ‘embrace perfect imperfections’ doesn’t work on the product images that you use to convince customers to purchase.

Hence, the next thing you should definitely consider is doing photo blemish remover to make sure your products are free of all defects. Even a minor scratch or a small fingerprint has to be eliminated to give your product photos a refreshing look!

To edit product photos in Photoshop and remove all imperfections, use tools like the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush.

  • Use the Healing Brush when you want to select specific parts of the image to correct. After you’ve done this action, Photoshop will fill in this area with pixels of the same colors as their surroundings.
  • Utilize Clone Stamp Tool when you need more manual control. This tool will enable you to copy pixel values from one place and apply them to another. A little tip: opt for lower hardness settings to make your photo’s colors look more natural
Product Photo Editing
Remove blemishes

Adjust product color

Photo color changing has always been a crucial part of product photo editing using Photoshop. You should make sure that the product color in the photo is exactly what customers see with their naked eyes when receiving the products. 

If your product colors don’t look as they should in a real-life setting, adjusting the image’s colors, white balance, exposure & contrast and you may get your desired result.

Product Photo Editing
Jewelry Color Change

Changing Colors

We all know there are certain colors that are hardly captured (e.g: pink neon). Hence, you might need to alter your products’ color till you achieve your desired look.

To make your product photo colors look more realistic, apply the quick & basic color correction tool in Photoshop, which is designed for correcting hue as well as saturation.

Open your product image file > click on the Image tab > navigate to Adjustments > select Hue/Saturation > then move the triangle slider in both directions to get your desired hue.

White Balance

Be well-noted that a picture’s white balance might be distorted because of changing lighting conditions. So if whites aren’t properly presented in your product images, you can totally adjust it with Photoshop.

Also, you may want to correct the color balance of your photo so your product can look exactly like they need to in real-life conditions. Simply use the Curves Tool to do so.

Contrast and Exposure

By changing the contrast, you can brighten the light parts or darken the dark elements of your product image to make your merch look more distinctive. Meanwhile, the exposure, when gets increased will help make your images brighter and vice versa!

Create a ghost mannequin

If you sell garments, this is a must-learn tip! So technically, the ghost mannequin effect lets you remove the model or mannequin from your clothing photo, allowing your customers to view your clothes more objectively.

With this very method, you can show your customers the parts that get hidden when worn by a model or a mannequin. As a result, you’ll have a stunning product image that accentuates your products instead of anything else!

Since this technique can help potential shoppers better visualize themselves in the clothes, it’s vital for product photo editing using Photoshop.

Product Photo Editing
Ghost Mannequin

Hold on! Isn’t product photo editing a bit…too complicated?

Above are our 4 best tips for product photo editing using Photoshop. Feel a bit too complicated and time-consuming retouching hundreds of products one by one?

Don’t worry! Nesso got you all covered with professional product photo editing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes from all niches and industries, from apparel to jewelry, furniture, and many more!

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