3D Printed Viking Model: How Nesso Accomplished Our First 3D Project

3D Printed Viking Model

It is 3D printed Viking modelNesso’s very first 3D printing project that our team has so proudly completed recently.

So in this blog post, we are going to show you how our team managed to create the Viking Man model step by step!

Let’s not beat around the bush and read on!


3D Printed Viking Model: How Nesso’s First Project Was Carried Out

Technically, the whole process of creating a 3D printed Viking model consists of 4 steps, starting with art conceptualizing and culminating with 3D printing the final product.

Here we go!

Art conceptualization

First thing first, we did some careful research on an existing concept to make the first step into creating a 3D printed action figure. 

And it all starts with a 2D concept of a 3d printed Viking man we found on the Internet as shown right below:

3D Printed Viking Model
Viking man concept found on the internet.

3D Modeling

From the 2D general concept above, our 3D artist team spent 2 working days going on the Internet to do more research on reference materials. These include the posing positions of the images and textures of every tiny detail from the fur and axe to the fabric embroidery, which was done using Zbrush. 

After gathering enough materials, our 3D artists started getting their hands down to the modeling part, which took exactly 10 working days. Afterward, the model is basically done and awaiting feedback from our client. 

Upon our customer’s feedback arrival, our 3D artists then spent half a day fine-tuning accordingly to make sure the 3d Viking model is perfectly modeled. 

After a total of 12 days, our model Viking action figure looks like this:

3D Printed Viking Model
Finished 3D Model

3D Rendering

Once the model is ready, it is then passed along to the rendering stage where the model would be rendered, and eventually, the final model was brought to life.

3D Printed Viking Model
Rendered product, ready for 3D printing

3D Printing 

From the Viking STL file from the rendering stage, our team preprocessed using Chitubox and Materialise Magics. Next, our 3D artists 3D printed the model with SLA printing technology and resin material, painted, and finalized our little artwork.

And that’s technically how the Nesso team successfully create a 3D printed Viking model, which you can learn more intuitively with a click at the video below:

Final words

Above are generally 4 full steps to carry out our first 3D project. Interested in Nesso’s 3D printed Viking model? Drop your comment below to share your thoughts with us!

Read more at nesso.vn

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