Agile vendor with productive talents for measureable BPO

Nesso is the fast growing Vietnam-based offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

A B O U T  N E S S O

Leveraging the skilled and driven Vietnamese people, we work as a trusted partner to provide you with quality, flexible and cost-efficient photo and data processing services. Whether you want to have your photos retouched, clipped, re-colored or have your data set reorganized and improved, Nesso will provide these services at a high-level productivity and quality.

Our clients include international customers in a variety of industries such as e-commerce retailers, fashion & apparels brands and studios.

O U R  T E A M

Pham Thi My Le

Founder and business crusader

Pham Xuan Tung

Deliverables oriented

Nguyen Tran Yen Khang

Photo Scocery

Joanna Estember

Business Developer

Phan Ngoc Thoai

Photo team leader

Nesso aims to deliver high quality, yet cost effective photo and data processing solutions at a high speed and accuracy.

O U R  S E R V I C E S

Photo Editing Services

  • Photo Retouching:  Our highly productive employees will assist the client with cleaning, clipping, brushing, or recovery of photos, producing flawless final photos ready for use

  • Ghost Mannequins: From an original photo of a product on a mannequin, we can help our clients by editing the photo to leave an image featuring only the product

  • Artistic Editing: Nesso's experienced graphic artists are always willing to turn our clients' raw materials into artistically commercial pieces at a striking and unique standard and at a competitive fee

Data Processing Services

  • Data Entry: Our client's can depend on our productive team to quickly and accurately process your data to create and develop your database

  • Data Transformation: We provide data processing services to translate raw data into infographic or alternative formats depending on th client's requests

  • Data Enriching: We assist in improving, refining and developing our client's data sets for their own use

  • Data Indexing: Nesso's Data indexing services helps our client's index their documents into an organized and clear format

Our Credentials

We are a 24-hour running company, allowing us to work with cilents from all time zones at all times of day. Working from the US or in the Asian Pacific, we guarantee completed work within 12 hours of our clients' job request. For our European cilents, we recommend job requests at the start of the working day, with completed work available by the morning of the next working day.

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